Rebecca Sawyer

The beauty and diversity of the natural world in the 21st century is the subject of Rebecca Sawyer’s drawings. From a young age exploring the British countryside with her family she developed a love of the natural world and a passion for the conservation of our wild spaces and the wildlife that relies on them. That passion is the basis for her art. The artist sees herself as an observer to the world around us that we often
ignore in our daily lives. 

Her drawings focus on the animals and plants that we share our world with 
in up close and personal drawings, highlighting the beautiful patterns and 
vibrant colours evident in nature all around us. In her drawings the subject 
matter is removed from the noise of it’s surroundings allowing the observer to focus on the rich detail of the subject without distraction, to appreciate its singular beauty.

Working with pen and ink alongside digital painting she fuses traditional skills with modern techniques to create lifelike detailed drawings with a rich vibrant expression of colour, bringing to life the natural world under a macroscopic lens.
“I try to reach the essence and power of the animals I draw, highlighting their individual beauty and textures, looking for colours and details we might miss as a casual observer to them in the wild, working to ignite a love for the great diversity in nature that we are lucky enough to share this earth with.”


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