A Walk
on the

Wild Side


Wildlife exhibition exploring biodiversity in the United Kingdom

About the exhibiton

Hosted by the Umbrella Fair Organisation

This exhibition explored the beauty of the native and non-native animals that make up the United Kingdom’s biodiversity and our relationships with these animals. With our dwindling natural environments seeing our wild animals in their natural habitats is harder than ever before and many of our native species largely go unseen and unappreciated. The hidden beauty of our diverse wildlife should be celebrated and preserved, but what should we be preserving? Should we be preserving a pristine native environment, like a snapshot of the world in the 21st century, frozen in time or should we be striving to preserve a dynamic earth, embracing the non-native species that now call the UK home and the successful native species that are able to adapt to their changing landscape?


“Enthralled by your artwork along with my four year old who had a great time guessing the animals!” 


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