Original wildlife illustrations with a focus on the unique personalities of the individual species

British Wildlife

Casting a spotlight on our natural world

The beauty and diversity of the natural world in the 21st century is the subject of my drawings. My illustrations focus on the animals and plants that we share our world with in up close and personal studies, highlighting the beautiful patterns and vibrant colours evident in nature all around us. Removing the subject from the noise of its surroundings allows the observer to focus on the rich detail of the subject without distraction, to appreciate its singular beauty. 


I'm working towards creating a collection of all the species of animals that we share the British Isles with. Raising awareness of the amazing wildlife on our doorstep and hopefully exposing some of our lesser known species into the spotlight.


“Absolutely exquisite. Amazing detail with beautiful colours. Really looking forward to having the dragonflies on our wall” 

Batsey + Tracey

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